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Maintenance Matrix specializes in providing Healthcare Risk Management and Cost Management/Saving Plans to government & public entities. Charles Breslin CEO of Maintenance Matrix has represented Managed Care Organizations for over 10 years to raise awareness of waste, abuse and fraud. Consequently, we've resolved many deficiencies and gaps in delivery of healthcare services and coverage for Medicaid, MLTSS and Medicare FFS or capitation.

As a Cost Management and Saving Plan provider, we can identify significant expenditures within your organization’s equipment maintenance budget that can be better managed in order to reduce expenses and enable you to redirect funds toward other priorities.

Maintenance Matrix offers our clients an efficient and cost-effective plan to manage equipment maintenance and repair services. We offer a guaranteed financial savings without sacrificing current service levels. Actually, our service model is designed to maximize equipment up-time.

The Maintenance Matrix Cost Savings Plan is available to government agencies, public education, and other public entities. You will immediately realize the cost savings through our service model.

Features and Benefits


  • 20-27% savings guaranteed

  • Improved efficiency with consolidation of maintenance contracts

  • Equipment Maintenance Cost Analysis

  • One plan for all types of equipment