Frequently Asked Questions

A: No, it is unrealistic to assume that every single piece of equipment in an organization is best served under this plan. However, we do encourage our clients to provide every equipment full service agreement to Maintenance Matrix for analysis. Maintenance Matrix will put together a comprehensive proposal that will provide recommendations on how to best manage the maintenance of each piece of electronic equipment. There are several choices when it comes to maintaining equipment; each option comes with benefits, as well as possible issues. By providing all service agreements for analysis, Maintenance Matrix will be able to help determine the best service option for each piece of equipment at the right cost.

A: The Maintenance Matrix Cost Savings Plan covers general office equipment, information technology equipment, mail room equipment, security equipment, and communication equipment. Examples of these would be fax machines, printers, telephone systems, computers, servers, etc. The plan covers most equipment that is electronic in nature.

A: Elevators, escalators and HVAC are often handled with labor-only contracts. In our experience, this equipment is best maintained under a service agreement with the OEM or qualified service vendor.

A: The Maintenance Matrix Cost Savings Plan replaces full service agreements into one plan and recommends proven alternatives that provide savings of 20 – 27% off current maintenance expenditures.

A: The client’s preferred service provider will perform the maintenance and repairs on equipment.

A: Maintenance Matrix’s home office is located in Philadelphia, PA.